Monday, 17 January 2011

Collecting Antique Printed Pottery

my names Chris, I've been collecting antique pottery for 40 years (god thats a long time!) and I thought that I would share my disease, sorry, passion with a wider audience. I have some pots from some very famous producers and a lot from unknown manufacturers but I dont care I love them all equally.
A lot of people get obsessed with condition but to me this is irrelevant as some of my pieces are hundreds of years old and were never mass produced so if they carry a few battle scars...well thats only to be expected. I hope you enjoy browsing my collection and if you have any questions or even can supply some knowledge I would be very happy to hear from you. This internet thing can really be used to exchange knowledge and enjoyment. Good hunting!
This is just one cabinet of many that line the walls of my home....I have'nt (dare not) count the individual items, maybe one day I will but I think well over a five hundred.........and growing! Hope that the floor doesnt give out

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