Monday, 31 January 2011

Chinese or Japanese or both?

here are some Chinese pots that have been pulled out of the usual I have no idea what they are so any help identifying these items would be great! Thanks

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Zoo part 2

This is a very unusual plant pot featuring a tiger growling at a snail! It is well made and the items-the tree stump, the snail and the tiger are all glazed and applied seperatley. There are no marks on this large piece which is fairly heavy and rather amusing!

Next up is a hare used as a pin marks but an interesting item I am sure you will agree.

Thanks for looking, haveyou any idea who made these items? Help always appreciated, you can contact me on thanks

My pottery zoo!

On the glass and pottery forum there is a "zoo" of sorts so I thought that I could start a similar theme here with the little pot animals that I have (all over the house)...I will put more on tomorrow as they are all in different cabinets. Again if anyone knows who made these irems or when I would be grateful.

The polar bear is some sort of parrian (cant spell that) and is hollow and just looks like it has some age with it. The pug gog holding a basket is also old, possibly Victorian? There are no markings on this either.
Thanks chaps I lokk forward to any feedback.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

And here are those antique bottles..

Here are some pics of the bottles...

Oh now that I have looked!!! Argh there are too many!

Japanese tea pot and glass bottles

well I have been busy digging out bottles ...there are hundreds of them! Also I have taken some pics of a Japanese (or at least I think its Japanese) tea pot. Please never mention glass bottles to me...there are so many...why? Anyway the tea pot is of interet to me because we know nothing about it.
Thanks again!

Green glass ...what is it?

this is a large interesting piece of glass which is full of air bubbles. Was this a mistake or part of the design?

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A corker of a repair! (literally)

As you may have guessed...a few pieces in my collection have suffered a little (or a lot) of damage. This piece of glass has been repaired by using a cork....which is pretty wierd! As usual please leave comments on anything if you have any iseas or information about them.
Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cauldon Comport

This is a very well decorated piece ... I always thought it was a cake stand...there is a little damage but it is well marked, I've always wondered what the numbers referred to? A model number perhaps? Or was it just an order number?

This piece is 9.5" across and is 5" high....thanks for looking.

Ale or rummer glasses?

these are a pair of ale glasses or are they rummers? Both have a chip in a similar spot....never been tempted to fill them with rum so maybe they are for ale?

A strange piece of glass

I have a few of these but know nothing of glass...its a dark art! This looks pretty and is hollow all the way down, what was it for? I know that I would not like to clean it out!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Nice cup, anyone know what it is?

Ive had this cup for years but never looked it up...just never got around to it-does anyone know who made it or how old it is?
Thanks in advance.

The Gardeners Arms....water jug

this is I believe a jug used by the Gardeners arms for people to add water to their whisky. It seems to have a sailors poem on the back which is strange for an eatablishment called the farmers arms! The piece is very heavy and feels like it was built to last...with all the whisky drinkers handling it I suppose it had to be sturdy!

Landscnect? Tobacco jar?

this is one of my most unusual pieces, I think its a tobacco jar but someone may know different? I would really like to find out what this item is and how old it is...thanks in advance...

A very ornate printed cup

I like this cup, it is so busy! The chap riding the horse clinches it for me, this cup has everything...except a makers mark!!! As usual if anyone has any information on what this actually is...

Sunday, 23 January 2011

A couple of printed cups...

these two cups are interesting because they have unusual printed subjects, both are pleasant and will tell a story to anyone willing to think about them. Bath time...its my favourite and anyone who is my age may well remember a tin bath in front of the fire! I like to think my pottery collection is also a reference for any historian...written records are only a fraction of the evidence that is out there!

Printed Blue and White cup

Sometimes a piece of pottery just caught my eye and I bought it not because it had a wow factor but because it had a sort of understated dignity. This cup is one such item, it has obviously had a working life and as soon as it is picked up one notices immediatley how heavy it is. Why it is so heavy I have no idea but this cup has given someone long service and now it is a pleasure to view it.

This cup has no makers marks which is a shame as it is a quality item!