Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Magdelin college Oxford

Magdelin college Oxford has educated some of histories greatest characters...well ok off hand I can only think of Oscar Wilde and Lawrence of Arabia. Still thats enough to set my mind racing as to who actually drank from this humble cup...did Oscar Wilde drop this and break the handle off? Oh well we can all dream-I've had this cup for over 15 years, when I lived in Thailand I took this cup with me, thats how much I like it!

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  1. Dudley Moore, Sir John Betjeman. Andrew Lloyd Webber, Kind Edward VIII, Ian Hislop,William Hague...

    When I was at Oxford no one wanted to go there as they had just spent 6 million pounds on having their tower fixed and it meant their accommodation and food bills were way higher than all the other colleges as they tried to pay for it!. They did have swan for dinner once a year, though....